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Contra Dancing is both elegant and boisterous, lively and full of grace.

Come dance with us!


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6:00 SATURDAY OCTOBER 8 Broadway Grange membership meeting and potluck




7:00 CONTRA DANCE for those who will

🎶 Band:  Contraversatile 🎶

Caller:  TBA


                        CONTRA DANCE
                      Suggested donation $10 per person




   As with all contra dances, you do not need to come with a partner and beginners are welcome!

  • Comfortable clothes with layers are encouraged – it can get warm dancing!  Comfortable shoes with no spiked heels or black rubber soles.  We will be dancing on a wonderful wooden floor.

  • Vaccines or a negative Covid test are recommended, NOT REQUIRED.

  • There will be a table with hand sanitizer. 

  • We welcome folks to participate at whatever level is right for YOU. Come out to listen to the great music and visit with friends at a distance, if you aren’t ready to dance.

  • Recognizing we are all thoughtful individuals who live in the way that feels safe for ourselves, we ask everyone to please respect and honor one another’s perspectives. Compassion, patience, and respect in our interactions with one another is a core community value and is especially important in these times.

  • Asking consent throughout the evening, for any number of things, will always stand you in good stead!  E.g., what type of swing hold will be comfortable, honoring a person’s "no" if they need more space, etc.

  • And of course, we ask that you stay at home if you have any symptoms of illness or have possible prior exposure. We understand allergy season is here, but for the comfort of others, please refrain from coming if your symptoms are active.

  • Note from the Broadway Grange President/Contra Dance Organizer

  • In the past year, the Contra Dance group (US!!) has been responsible for keeping the Grange open, as its membership was waning to the point of near extinction. Sixty + dancers stepped up and joined the Grange to keep it open. Thank you all! The opportunity to join is still available at $43.00/year (prorated!), increasing to $50.00/year January 1, 2023.

  • Please use the contact form below to ask any questions, offer suggestions or share ideas, and I will get back to you.

  • We have all had our challenges in the past 2+ years of the pandemic. If we work together taking care of ourselves and each other, we'll be able to move forward.

  • Stay well, stay safe, stay connected.

  • Shelly Jenkins





  • All dances:


  • At the Broadway Grange 909 W. Washington Ave, Yakima 98902


  •  From 7:30 - 10:30 p.m. with *FREE* newcomer instruction at 7:00 p.m.


  •  Always a live band! All dances taught!

Thanks! We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

About Contra Dancing

Contra Dancing is a tradition born in New England and now enjoyed all over the world.
It involves simple, lively social dancing to live music.
Performed in lines with a partner, a caller teaches each dance
and cues dancers throughout, in time to live music.


Contra dancing is many forms of exercise at once, developing flexibility, grace,
coordination and aerobic conditioning. Come play, exercise and listen to traditional music.

Who knew exercise could be so much fun?


 Wear comfortable clothing.  Please, no heavy perfumes.

Everyone Welcome! Come alone or bring friends; no partner or experience necessary.
Singles, couples, families all welcome. An activity for all ages.


*All dances taught.*

New dancers always welcome regardless of experience.


See for yourself...

Contra dancing to Crowfoot in Tacoma

Courtesy Doug Plummer Productions

Contra dancing to Out of the Wood in Yakima

Courtesy Kevin Sak and Jonelle Mejica


Season Passes ON HOLD FOR NOW. Join the Grange instead!



909 W. Washington Avenue, Yakima


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