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Contra Dancing is both elegant and boisterous, lively and full of grace.

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Yakima Dance Info

OCTOBER - MAY, but the times they are a changing. See dance schedule below.


All dances:


At the Broadway Grange 909 W. Washington Ave, Yakima 98902


 From 7:30 - 10:30 p.m. with *FREE* newcomer instruction at 7:00 p.m.


 Suggested Donation:  $8.00 Adults; $5.00 Students; Under 12 Free


 Enjoy a dessert potluck at the break. Please bring something tasty to share!


 Always a live band! All dances taught!

Need more info?

Phone: 509-966-0044

or use our contact form


About Contra Dancing

Contra Dancing is a tradition born in New England and now enjoyed all over the world.
It involves simple, lively social dancing to live music.
Performed in lines with a partner, a caller teaches each dance
and cues dancers throughout, in time to live music.


Contra dancing is many forms of exercise at once, developing flexibility, grace,
coordination and aerobic conditioning. Come play, exercise and listen to traditional music.

Who knew exercise could be so much fun?


 Wear comfortable clothing.  Please, no heavy perfumes.

Everyone Welcome! Come alone or bring friends; no partner or experience necessary.
Singles, couples, families all welcome. An activity for all ages.


*All dances taught.*

New dancers always welcome regardless of experience.


See for yourself...

Contra dancing to Crowfoot in Tacoma

Courtesy Doug Plummer Productions

Contra dancing to Out of the Wood in Yakima

Courtesy Kevin Sak and Jonelle Mejica

Dance Schedule

2020 is challenging us all in many ways, not the least of which is our ability to express our love of contra dancing together. Until it is safe to do so, we will not be dancing at the Broadway Grange in Yakima until further notice. But give virtual dancing a try! We did have one in September, and if the interest is there will do it again. See links at the bottom for virtual dances.




The annual Tumbleweed Festival is holding a virtual dance, professionally produced

DO join us!




                                                                 Dance info is at the VERY END!!!!!!!

                          Band:  Contraversatile - Len Rickey, mandolin; Nancy Chott, fiddle; Lynnel                                Rowan, percussion; Gary Miller, accordion and fiddle; Shelly Jenkins, piano

                                                      Caller:  Dave Gloor


Season Passes

Support your local Contra Dance

We're here FOR you and BECAUSE of you!

Three contribution levels: 

Crazy for Contra.....$150.00 per person*****

Dedicated Dancer.....$100.00

 Super Supporter.....$75.00


*****FREE Broadway Grange membership dues when you contribute at the Crazy for Contra level*****



909 W. Washington Avenue, Yakima


$43 per year membership dues.

    Meetings are held once each month on the FIRST WEDNESDAY,
starting with a POTLUCK at 6:00 p.m. The meetings are generally over by 8:00 p.m.

    Feel free to come and join then, or contact Carl Gangl at 509-452-9962
for any additional membership information.


Support your community.

Support your local grange.

Support your local CONTRA DANCE!!!


Other Local Dances


Ellensburg WA

First Saturday, November to April (except March) 7:30-10:30 p.m.

Hal Holmes Community Center, 209 North Ruby Street, Ellensburg WA


Seattle WA - Virtual Lake City Dance


Tacoma WA

Walla Walla 



Tri Cities

La Grande, Oregon

Other Contra Dance Websites:

Lady of the Lake Music and Dance Camps

Directory of Washington State Contra Dances


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